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Unapologetic Creative Expression for All

Unapologetic Creative Expression for All

Mattanna is standing up for normalizing creative expression for adults. Do you agree that our economy and society tend to encourage creativity with our youth but push adults into sacrificing it to conform to a job description or other role in life?

Do you wonder how many parents and grandparents who support the children they love by attending concerts and other performances wish they had more opportunities to share in the art form they love?

Does it bother you when adults say they “used to” sing, write, sew, play an instrument, dance, paint, act or do something else creative? Why aren’t they still doing those things now?

What a shame to put creative expression on the back burner to simmer away until the pot is dry! So many of us are full of cool, exciting and beautiful ideas that we yearn to set free but we don’t know how to do it.

One way is to get back in touch with our Native Creative, the open, curious, playful person we were born to be – full of imagination! Take a few moments here and there to think, fantasize, write down some ideas, pick up that tool or instrument, dance to the music you hear in your head, or read a poem to yourself in the mirror.

If time, money, or physical ability were no object, what would you really like to do with yourself? There’s no limit or expiration date on living each day naturally, unapologetically, and without concern about looking foolish for reflecting your own style.

Who cares what people think about us, anyway? They’re so absorbed in their own lives, they hardly think of us at all!

The fact that we each have distinct fingerprint and retina patterns is an indication that individuality is part of the natural order of things. Stand up for your birth right and embrace the creative artist you are inside, connecting with others through the performing arts.

When you develop a mindset of abundance versus that of scarcity, you realize that there’s plenty of love to go around and plenty of room for each of us to be a distinct individual with their own voice in this world.

Think of the variety of plant and animal life that surrounds us, with their colors, shapes, textures, sounds, smells and movements. There’s tremendous variety and diversity among inanimate things on this planet and beyond as well. How about human beings who are different in a multitude of intriguing ways? That’s an abundance!

Mattanna has hosted events online and in person, where we develop a positive mindset of abundance, tap into high energy that sparks creativity, and unleash a bit of fabulousness with little impromptu group performances.

Please complete the Contact Questionnaire and leave a comment if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you on a private individual basis or in a group setting.

Enjoy your day with liberty, justice, and unapologetic creative expression for all.

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