Mattanna 5DX



Terrific experience with deep thoughtful exploration, playful purposeful sharing, and delightful opportunity to sing, dance and express inner thoughts and creative manifestations. Bravo Joanna Tress and the Mattanna team.

Dave Rogers

Joanna Tress of Mattana 5DX is a force of nature… fun, energetic smart and talented! She pulls you in and before you know it… you’re playing, creating, singing and having a blast I attended at Mattana 5DX event on zoom and was impressed with what was taught about creativity as well as the thoughtful prompts to participate.

It was truly a wholesome, educational family-friendly event for everyone. And there was a fabulous guest poet, Nneka Edwards, I truly enjoyed!

Kate Phillips

I really enjoyed being at Mattanna’s Fantastic First Friday event on March 4th 2022, hosted by Joanna Tress. I ended up singing, dancing, laughing, crying for joy, reliving the happiest moments in my life, and sharing it with people who by the end said they felt like they were with friends. It was magical! I highly recommend you attend the next Mattanna event and bring a friend.

Julianna Dawson

“Yesterday I had the privilege to join Sunburst Energizer for an hour of raising vibrations. We laughed, we chatted, we shared, we got moving & we virtually high-fived… and we got energized!It’s always better when others support you. I highly recommend joining Joanna Tress as she hosts these Sunburst Energizers to get you into a joyful mood of abundance!

Lexis Johnson
Int’l Best Selling Author
Host of VibeItUp.TV
Faculty member of Essential Academy.”

Lexis Johnson