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Say YES to What You Want to

Say YES to What You Want to

Are you ready to say “Yes” to what you want to express? Maybe not. And that’s O.K. Maybe you are, but you don’t know exactly what you’ll share or how. You may wonder where and to whom you’ll tell a story through an art form that feels good and right for you.

Mattanna offers a place to discover and follow through on the many possibilities if you want to feel joyful, whole and relevant. It’s never too late to simply GO for it, either.

We understand that many people feel frustrated and unsatisfied with their life when they don’t realize the dreams of their youth and resign themselves to the fact that they’ll conform to the status quo and never enjoy the pleasure of entertaining others as a singer, dancer, writer, actor, instrumentalist or other artist.

Living a life of compromise and disappointment rather than living as their authentic performing artist selves subjects a segment of our population to depression. They are plagued with the nagging feeling that something is missing from their life and express their anger in a way that may hurt themselves and others.

Mattanna provides the solution to this negative trend
by supporting people in a safe space to explore their creative potential. We showcase, develop, and mentor mature adults who want to share their unique art and original storytelling style with the rest of the world, regardless of their level of “talent” or experience.

We help aspiring artists to collaborate with each other and facilitate the deep inner work that leads to healing, a positive mindset, and the confidence to pursue the wonderful opportunities available to us in the second half of life.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the name Mattanna comes from Matthew and Joanna. We’re a couple who overcame personal and career trauma, met at the age of 46, and got married at the age of 47, just six weeks before the Covid-19 shutdown of 2020.

Surviving the economic and emotional upheaval of the pandemic showed us that life is too short to leave our identity as artists hidden like a seldom read book on a shelf or a once-loved piece of décor that was never unpacked from a box when we moved into a new home.

We aim to make an impact and take part in the “50 is the new 30” movement. In our youth-obsessed society, Mattanna will normalize the sight of people of a certain age getting on stage or in front of a camera for the first time. Join the celebration by calling us at 407-577-5413 or emailing

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