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Welcome to Mattanna!

We are an inclusive community of people who are interested in anything beautiful, artistic and positive.

We help men and women to overcome obstacles, hone their skills and build their confidence when it comes to unapologetic creative expression in everyday life or performing for an audience.

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5 Dimensional Performing Arts Experience.






Our Mission

Were you Born to Perform ? Now is Your Time to Shine!

The mission of Mattanna is to provide a diverse group of people opportunities to explore, grow and to practice their chosen craft in a safe, judgement-free zone with like-minded life-long learners.

People of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to join us for experiences where they can enjoy the pleasure of singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument and everything else creative, or get started on that path even if they’ve never done it before.

We customize the content for each event and personal consultation. Please complete the contact form below so that we can find out how we can best serve you and create a life-changing experience for you!


Our Mission

Embrace Your Bliss


We are Matthew and Joanna Tress, a married couple celebrating a life of purpose and passion by liberating the performing artists within ourselves and sharing that sweet freedom by helping others to do the same.

We have performed at public and private events consistently for the past 30 years and offer experience with a wide variety of performing arts. Get a taste of our “secret sauce” of bringing dreams to reality when you participate in one of our virtual or live events.

We’re here to facilitate, collaborate and motivate. Let’s DO this!

Call or text us at 407-577-5413 and let’s start a conversation.

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Embrace Your Bliss

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What people say about us

Singing is not a gift I was born with and yet in one hour with Joanna she had me feeling less self conscious and helped me with the beginning of my own theme song. Thank you Joanna!

Nancy Abramson

I totally loved today’s Unapologetic Creative Expression event. Joanna made it very enjoyable, entertaining, enabled my creative side to come alive & I made new friends. What an excellent way to connect with others. I highly recommend!

Janet Schick

Candy here—I’m still smiling ear to ear after my first MattAnna Unapologetic Creative Expression Zoom workshop. Joanna is an upbeat, intuitive guide who connects each participant to their own totally unique expressiveness all while bringing out memories to share with one another. I made some great new friends and can’t wait until the Next Time!

Greg & Candy Dawson