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Welcome to the Mattanna Five-Dimensional Performing Arts Experience!

We help men and women age 35 and older to overcome obstacles, hone their skills and build their confidence when it comes to performing on stage or in front of the camera.

The mission of the Mattanna Five-Dimensional Performing Arts Experience is to provide a diverse group of people opportunities to grow and to practice their chosen craft

People of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to join us for workshops and events where they can enjoy the pleasure of singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument and speaking creatively.

We customize the content for each event: please complete our questionnaire so that we can create a life-changing experience for you!

Live and Virtual Events!


Singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and creative expressionists aged 35 and older have a new place to delve into their art and refine their craft: www.mattanna.org

Mattanna offers a safe, judgment-free space for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience to explore their favorite performance art, add more happiness and satisfaction to their life, and build their resumé too. 

Our event features a little something for everyone to get their artistic and creative juices flowing...

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We are Matthew and Joanna Tress, a married couple celebrating a life of purpose and passion by liberating the performing artists within ourselves and sharing that sweet freedom by helping others do the same.

While we are not professionals, we have performed at public and private events consistently for the past 30 years. You'll get a taste of our "secret sauce" of bringing dreams to reality when you participate in one of our virtual or live events.

After hosting workshops, music nights and showcases over the years and touching hundreds of lives, we're taking it all to the next level for you. We're here to facilitate, collaborate and motivate. Let's DO this!